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Best Hawaii Luau For Vacationers

If you are a first-time visitor in Hawaii, you need
to attend a luau. It’s a unique opportunity to learn the Hawaiian culture which
comes in a mix of dances, feasting, storytelling, and more. Most of these luaus
are often private gatherings, so if you’ve been invited to one, it’s a special
privilege. Although some may appear to be more traditional than others, one
thing remains the same; you’re a family. Here is what you should know before
attending a Hawaiian Luau.

Everything You Need to Know About Hawaiian Luau’s:

Luau foods

While there is no fixed menu a luau conforms to,
most of them will offer basic tradition foods. Some of the dishes you expect
include a kalua pig (roasted pig), poi, sweet potato, Lomi salmon, kulolo, haupia
(coconut pudding), and of course chicken luau. Other than that, some luaus will
serve local favorites that include fried rice and vegetable curry. You can also
find a traditional buffet that consists of bread, salads, chicken, and prime
rib. Besides, you’ll enjoy common beverages like Blue Hawaii’s and other
non-alcoholic drinks. On top of the tropical drinks, a few luaus will have an
open bar.

Luau entertainment

A luau party is not complete without authentic
Polynesian entertainment. The key component of any luau is the dance (hula).
Most dancing acts begin halfway through the night. The hip-shaking dances and
the thrilling Samoan fire-knife dancers will do their best to steal the show.
Without a doubt, some of these performances will get your heart pumping.

What to wear

When attending a luau, you should be relaxed and
presentable. You may want to show up in your favorite dress, but the idea is to
keep it simple. Casual style is the way to go. Ladies will wear Capri pants or
shorts with a casual sundress while men will match their khaki shorts with a
Hawaiian shirt (Aloha). And, if you are attending a luau in those winter
months, you may want to bring a jacket or a sweater with you to take care of
the chilly evenings. If you’re going to the beachside, you need to be careful
when choosing your food wear. In most cases, sandals and flip-flops are
excellent for both men and women.

Always respect the Hawaiian culture

Whether it’s a private gathering or you are hosted
by Hawaiian’s, the rule of thumb is to respect their culture and heritage.
First, you must appreciate Lei, and most importantly respect the spirit
associated with it. Hawaiian chefs and Polynesian settlers used Lei as a symbol
of peace. Due to its deep cultural significance, you have to accept it if
you’re in the presence of the giver. It’s considered a sign of affection of
welcoming visitors to the event. If you have to remove it, only do so in

Secondly, try their dishes. Apart from their
delicious taste, trying them is a sign that you appreciate the Hawaiian
culture. Not only that, if there is something you don’t understand at a luau,
ask for clarification humbly. That being said, it’s crucial that you try to
learn a few words before you leave. However, be mindful of how you use them.
Simply put, don’t try to speak like a local. When you take heed of these
etiquette tips, you’ll comfortably fit at any luau.

The cost of a luau

Although the cost will vary by island, most of them
will charge $90 to $120 per adult. For children, they charge an average of $60.
However, children below than five years will get a free entrance so long as a
paying adult accompanies them. The price will also depend on other factors like
the seating arrangements, drinks, and whether there is any transportation
included. Be sure of what is included in the cost to avoid any surprises.

Where to get the best Hawaiian Luau

No matter which island you visit, there is bound to
be a luau happening near you. Some of the most popular luaus include Aha’aina,
Paradise Cove, Old Lahaina Luau, Legends of Hawaii, Island Breeze, Waikiki
starlight, The Feast at Lele, and more. Before you attend any of these luaus,
check the photos uploaded by reviewers to get an insight if how the place looks
like. Most resort-based luaus offer 2-3 evenings per week.

Final thoughts

The best way to learn the Hawaiian culture is to
attend a luau regardless of the island you visit. Most luaus operate on a
first-come, first-serve basis, so they fill up early. They also offer special
seating arrangements for the disabled and can accommodate people with different
dietary requirements. To get the most out of a Hawaiian luau, it’s crucial that
you use the above tips as your guide.